ReCreo: a Rural Innovation Network

Rediscovers, Connects, Recovers 

ReCreo facilitates the recovery of abandoned properties and land in rural areas, promoting innovative recovery and valorisation models.

How to rediscover unused properties and land, and promote their recovery

The ReCreo project

Our first goal is to build a shared knowledge of the value and opportunities represented by abandoned or unused properties in rural areas. We do this through open-source mapping to build a "regeneration map" of rural Italy that is easily accessible to and participated by all.

The second objective is to create a generative network between owners, recovery projects, and professionals, built on the common interest of recovering abandoned properties in rural areas of Italy.

ReCreo allows the connection between owners, who can offer properties and abandoned land, and users, who can propose design ideas. ReCreo also allows participation through professional services or pro-bono collaborations.

From abandonment to value: what to do with ReCreo

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Tools - Beta version

Italy is dotted with unused properties and land in rural areas, which can become opportunities for owners, those with recovery projects, and professionals who can provide services.

We want to make this opportunity concrete. For this reason, we have created a map listing the abandoned buildings and made tools available to allow property owners, users with recovery ideas, professionals, and pro bono collaborators to network and discuss recovery projects.

You just have to choose the right user account for your needs!

All of our tools are still developed in Beta version: be sure to contact us if you have any problems or comments!

You will see that we require a small payment for some tools - all development has been supported by ReCreo members, but we believe this project may be valuable for many, and we need to cover costs to keep the project alive for further development!

From abandonment to opportunities sharing

The open-source map: a window on opportunities

You can map here abandoned properties: if you are the owner, to make them available for reuse and recovery projects. If you are a user, to help grow awareness of local communities and owners about possible opportunities!

Map a Resource

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How to map

The Regeneration map is an open source map to which everyone can contribute: everyone has their own observation point on the territory and their own specific knowledge, somehow unique.

1 - Participating is simple!

Click the "Add a property" button and click on the map. Points can be used primarily to map properties, while the areas for portions of territory, such as land. If you own the property, you can then look for reuse and recovery projects.

You can map also if you are not the owner of the property! You will help raise awareness of local communities!

2 - Add details

By clicking on "Continue", you can fill in the details: you can upload the images, and select the type of resource and the conditions.

Be careful in your choice, this information will determine the icon that will appear on the map and will be useful for other users to understand at first sight what it is. Be careful not to photograph people to respect privacy.

3 - What to map?

All the unused resources of rural areas in Italy: historic assets, farmhouses, abandoned land. The aim is to give visibility and find potential new uses.

Why rural areas in particular? Because they are the most marginal areas of the country, where there is the greatest need for networks, financiers, project ideas, and innovation.

Propose your idea

Do you have a project?

Do you have a project and need a property or land in a rural area? Search among the resources to be recovered made available!

Do you need help from other people?

Propose your idea and involve professionals or collaborators.

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Are you an Owner?

Are you the owner of an unused property or land in a rural area and want to make it available to start a recovery project?

Provide your service

Are you a Professional?


Are you a professional who can contribute to the implementation of property recovery projects, or to the implementation of activities involving the reuse of properties in rural areas?

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Are you a Collaborator?

Do you want to contribute to the recovery of unused properties in rural areas, by taking part directly or with pro-bono services?

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