Who believes in the project

Who we are: the ReCreo community

ReCreo was born to people with different backgrounds who decided to put their skills together for a common project.

In the first stage, the project was the idea of ​​4 founders. Now, we would like ReCreo to be a community, sharing ideas and enabling change all over rural Italy!

Registering and participating in the shared mapping or other ways, you can take part in it: you will help change and improve ReCreo!

To network with us


Are you interested in the innovative regeneration of rural areas?

Do you have skills and want to participate in the ReCreo project?

Do you have a proposal to share or want to collaborate or support ReCreo? We are looking for collaborators and funders for the scale-up of the project!

Let's network, contact us!

About us

The founders of the ReCreo project

Leo Cusseau

Project Manager

Leonardo Porcelloni

Geographer and founder

Federico Mazzelli

Engineer and founder

Shirin Amini

Architect and founder